10th July Jayne’s Journey

Helyn and Rhys spent the day with their dad as Rhys had an inset day from school which was nice as we all got a lie in :).

Jayne and I spent most of the afternoon up in the girls bedroom sorting it out, and wow what a difference it has made, there is space ;).  Afterwards Jayne went on the laptop and did some interactive games that we have installed for her.  After an hour she said to me she wanted to write a story and could she do it on the laptop.  She sat busily for ages just typing, I left her to it while I cooked dinner.

After dinner she asked if we wanted to read her story to which we answered of course we did.  Once we finished we were very pleasantly surprised, it was really good, obviously we would have to sit and work with her on punctuation etc, but for an 8 year old, her imagination was brilliantly written down. We have said that once she has finished and we have helped work on it we will get it published as a short story.  That will be another published author in the family, she will be joining daddy, mummy and big sister :).


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