8th July Jayne’s Journey

We have had a really good day today so far, we had our council meeting this morning. Tracey asked a few questions but from what we showed her she was really pleased with what we were doing with Jayne.  Although she doesn’t want to see us for another year, she said she will always be there if we need anything.  She also gave us a letter to confirm that we home education Jayne so when we go to places for her education, we just show  the letter.  We have heard so many bad comments about various councils, but we could not fault our Portsmouth one.

She asked the usual questions like what we had planned and we showed her the resources we have in place ready to start properly in September.  She gave us a lot of useful information and answered our questions that we had concerns on.  She was really helpful.

Last week when we were out looking for books for Jayne, we went around the local Charity Shops when we found this interactive globe.  It was only £15 and it is amazing.  There are some brilliant tasks for her to do, she loves it and it will be so helpful for her Geography. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, only thing is the timer goes pretty quick.

Not only does it ask where places are, it gives the National Anthem for each country, tells the population number, music, money, distance, time, population, the capital and continents.  Only problem we have is the timer is only 46 seconds.

She is really looking forward to working on her Geography, so are we :).



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