9th July 2015 Jayne’s Journey

Quiet day today, we had a lovely visit from mum and stepdad, this morning for an hour.

Afterwards she told us she was going on holiday, when asked she said I’m travelling the world and went on her educational globe and spent a long time exploring.  When I got back from picking up my son from school she played being an adventurer in the garden, which seems to be her favourite game as she is always out there looking for new insects.

A few posters arrived in the post yesterday and there were some lovely polystyrene packaging which she started inventing a game with, great fun until she claimed I cheated hmmm not sure how lol.  The rolled up tube she used as a megaphone and sent me echo messages which at first were very loud :/ what great imagination kids have with just the simplest of tools.


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Sylv Jenkins lives in Portsmouth, England with her three children and partner, Joe Jenkins (so that makes four). She works full time on this website, including providing the editing and author PA services. She is currently in the editing stages of her first novel - Safe Place?


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