My Review of Feed by Michael Bray

At the beginning of the month, Michael Bray was my guest sharing an excerpt taken from his new book Feed.

I was lucky to receive a copy of it to review.  See below my thoughts.

Michael Bray

Tyler Matthews is desperate for change. Sick of his life and plagued by alcoholism, he makes the decision to divorce his wife, sell everything he owns and travel the world to try and find focus and rid himself of his addiction. Eventually arriving on the sun-drenched shores of Australia and still plagued by his demons, he has spent all his savings and is facing the prospect of having to return to his old life.

It is here that he meets two men with an outlandish story about a horde of sunken drug money in an area known as the Devil’s Triangle – Australia’s answer to its Bermuda namesake and said to be the lair of a terrifying monster of the deep. Offered a share of the fortune if he helps retrieve it, Tyler agrees to go with the men to the location, sceptical and thinking only of prolonging his journey of self-discovery.

He will learn, however, that this particular urban legend is real, and they encounter a giant of the seas, the previously thought to be extinct Megalodon which makes its home within the area of the Devil’s triangle.

Barely escaping with their lives, the three men wash up on an isolated island – no more than a rocky outcrop with no vegetation, fresh water of food sources. As desperation to survive intensifies, horrifying decisions will be made that will illustrate how man is sometimes the most violent predator on earth and when left with no option will do anything, even the unthinkable, in order to survive.

My review

One word.


I have been a big fan of Michael’s books since Whisper was published.

I love reading and watching anything to do with sharks both fictional and non-fiction. Feed is not your standard shark book, it has you on the edge wondering what will happen next. Will they, won’t they escape?

Unfortunately, I was only able to read the book in small bursts at the end of the day, but the tension during reading kept me engrossed and wanting to read more.

The internal descriptions were spot on, in fact, don’t be eating anything when reading some parts of the book.

Michael Bray is a talented author and if you love horror of any kind, then please give him a try.

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