Trailer and Pre order for BROTHERS OF FANG by Iris Sweetwater

Available for pre-order now in all formats including mobi for Kindle for 99cents, book two in the Brothers of fang series.
Synopsis: Isaiah’s failure as the new alpha has now gone even farther than he imagined as he faces family betrayal he never expected and a slew of hybrid that must decide whether or not to join the pack. Not surprisingly, he again is finding a great ally in the young and powerful Annalise, the witch that is meant to rule the entire Olympia coven. Though, as they get closer, regardless of the chasteness of their relationship, the distance between Isaiah and his mate will grow.

Annalise is coming into her own and discovering her new powers. She thought she was back with the coven for good until the strangest order came to her from Hyacinthe, the interim leader of the coven that thrusts her right back into the middle of the drama of the Young family. As secrets are uncovered and she finds herself getting more involved with the pack, she begins to realize she is not as over everything as she thought.

Iris Sweetwater is a paranormal romance, YA fantasy, and contemporary romance author. She is also an educator and a mother.
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Sylv Jenkins lives in Portsmouth, England with her three children and partner, Joe Jenkins (so that makes four). She works full time on this website, including providing the editing and author PA services. She is currently in the editing stages of her first novel - Safe Place?


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