Website Creation For Normal People


Whether you are an author, a film maker or even a candlestick maker, there will come a time when you will think about creating a website.  This may be a blog, a general website or even a fully-fledged e-commerce website.

I will be writing a series of articles on which will be covering all of these options, using the website as an example.  Together we can go on a journey of discovery and, the good news, is that this will be written in plain English and will not be complicated at all.

Who am I to do this?  That’s possibly a question you are asking and I wouldn’t blame you.

I am a website designer & developer, having created my first website back in 1997, five years after first going online, so I have seen things change and have been there as they do.

I’m the creator of this website, as an example of what I do.

I first discovered WordPress in 2008 and within a week of using it, I was writing user guides for a WordPress theme company.  I soon discovered that I would be using it 100% of the time and stopped all other forms of web design.

That’s enough about me though, this is all about you being able to easily create a great looking website, so keep an eye out for the first of the articles coming sooner than you think.


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