The Girl With The White Flag: an Eddy Boyle thriller

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white flag

Eddy Boyle is a retired soldier who has set up a private detective agency that survives on cases involving unfaithful spouses.

But when Fletcher, a retired army Colonel, contacts Eddy to help find his missing daughter, a chain of events is set in motion that will test Eddy’s resolve to the limit.

Has the girl been abducted or has she simply run away? Is Fletcher the real deal or does he have ulterior motives? Can Eddy pick his way through the double-dealing in time to rescue the kidnapped girl? And when the body count starts to rise and Eddy is framed for murder, can he avoid the police, conquer his own mental demons and find the girl before time runs out?

This is the first book in the explosive new Eddy Boyle series.

I was given a copy in exchange for an honest opinion by Bloodhound Books.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a book for me, as it took a while for me to get into.  Having said that, it was well written with a good storyline with the characters working well together and for those that like to read the Noir genre, I think they will definitely enjoy.

I don’t like giving a 3 star as this wasn’t the author’s fault it is just my personal taste in books, so I will give a 4 star as I said above, it was well written and I wish the author good luck with the series and future books.

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