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Good morning on this bright sunny Monday morning.

It is now a year since Joe and I took Jayne out of mainstream school for reasons a lot of you know.

Since leaving, Jayne’s selective mutism has improved immensely, in fact she will now order her own drink when we go into a cafe, which as you know is a very big step for her.

Our home ed journey has been a real rollercoaster for us not really knowing where to start, but after months of “unschooling” her and meeting new home ed families we started to get into the swing of things.

A Model in the making JayneJayne has her own blog where a lot of her work is saved to as we set up lessons for her to complete and to keep an eye on how she is doing.

Our biggest hurdle was Maths, she was so far behind at school, she had a block where maths scared her so much she couldn’t tackle any of it.  So we left it and we did maths out shopping, she would help me add up how much our bill was coming to, she told me how much the item was and she would also look for the cheapest item for us.  Now we have a laugh whilst doing maths and she is so much more confident.

Her favourite subject is researching.  She would research a topic and then I would give her questions to find the answers too.  She would do this until it came out of her ears lol.  She has enjoyed cooking, shopping and just recently she has been out filming with her big sister, Helyn, who is doing her Media Btech at college.

Florence-Nightingale-croppedWe have visited a few places together, including Fort Nelson, where she drew a picture of Florence Nightingale and during one of our visits she handed the picture to the person behind the counter who in turn gave it to their boss.  We had a lovely letter thanking Jayne for the picture and they have put it up in the office for the workers to see.

We have also met up with a group of home ed families at Marwell, where she attended the workshop there.

Last month we went along to Pets at Home Workshop which was really enjoyable.

Just recently, I joined a Facebook group Courageous Home Schooling which is run by a really lovely lady Sonya Chappell who gives everyone so much support.  She has set up a course to give encouragement and links to lots of activities to do with your children.  In fact, if you go to her human body for kids page you will find at the end a photo of Jayne holding her skeleton that she had just made.

Have we got any regrets taking Jayne out of school?  No way, Jayne’s confidence has grown so much just in the year of being out of school, she is so happy, bubbly and looking forward to learning lots more.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! This week I’ve really started thinking about motivation and what gets kids wanting to learn – and hence what makes homeschooling so enjoyable and rewarding. I found this really interesting: “So we left it and we did maths out shopping….Now we have a laugh whilst doing maths and she is so much more confident.” I think that is so revealing – because often I think you do have to leave things until the child is ready – and that is a luxury that you do not have as a teacher in school. I am so pleased Jayne is happy, bubbly and looking forward to learning lots more – what more could anyone ask? And thank you for mentioning me – I am so glad you are finding the course helpful. Sonya 🙂

    1. Thank you Sonya, I knew that the more I kept doing the Maths with the her the more of a block she would get and we would have tears and I really didn’t want her to get upset so I just said no not going to do that to her, she will learn more out of going shopping and using money herself than sitting with her at home. If she wants to buy something, she sorts her money out herself and pays. So a much better way of learning. I love the course and I love your enthusiasm it’s so catching, thank you

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