Homeschool Secrets of Success by Sonya Chappell

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Homeschool Secrets of Success by second generation homeschool author, Sonya Chappell

About the Author

Sonya is one of the few second generation homeschooling families taught at home herself. She loved being homeschooled so much that when it came to having her own children the whole idea of sending them to school seemed completely unnatural. Her son William, is now going to Oxford University and her daughter Catherine, is still at home following an unschooling route as a talented artist. Sonya set up her website at so she could give parents the confidence to see that homeschooling offers a wonderful opportunity for all children to achieve their full potential and keep learning fun.

homeschooling-how-to-motivate-your-childSonya also runs her own FREE online course which is emailed daily, takes 5-10 mins and is very thought provoking.  I did it earlier this year and it is great for confidence boosting and supporting your decision to home educate. I definitely recommend doing this course, recommended to both new families and also those that have been home schooling for a while.

About the Book

Homeschool Secrets Of Success

This indispensable guide will prove to you that the biggest secret to a successful homeschool is motivation. Because when you choose how to homeschool, there is an elephant in the room. And that’s you. You are the parent. But now you are the teacher too. That is potentially an enormous problem on the motivation front.

Picture this: What happens when you end up in lots of battles with the kids? The kids aren’t interested. They don’t want to learn. You are tearing your hair out. This is their future …Can’t they realize that? What if they don’t get any exams or qualifications? They will have failed. And you will have failed too.

This guide shows you exactly what things you can do in your homeschool to get your kids happy and enthusiastic – and what not to do.

Homeschooling: How To Motivate Your Child

There is a secret behind successful homeschooling.

It’s the vital key which underpins your dreams, whatever method you follow and however long you have been teaching your child.

Sadly, it’s easy to bury that dream under the pressure on you to ‘perform’ and make sure your children are learning everything they need.

Because unless you and your kids are working happily together, your homeschool is going to fall apart.

What’s also true is that following the model you probably have most experience of – school – is exactly the one most likely to put you at loggerheads with your children.

So how do you avoid battles with kids?

Luckily, there are practical steps you can take which lay the foundation for a happy homeschool, whether you follow a strict timetable or not.

I am in a unique position to help you because I can use my experience as one of the very few second generation homeschooling families taught at home myself. And yes, I have ‘succeeded’ with my own kids, (at least in my terms!).

My homeschool son William is going to Oxford University and my daughter is taking a very different path and following an unschooling route as an artist.

I have also called on the help of over 8,500 Facebook fans to come up with a host of practical suggestions, including getting you to think about:

  1. How to be a great homeschool ‘teacher’. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you just stand at the front and..teach! With your child, you’re going to have a much smoother ride if you’re able to have more of a ‘we’re all in this together’ – type approach.

  2. How to make a schedule which works with your family, not against it. That includes essential advice like being flexible as well as some more unusual suggestions – like taking your curriculum into the back yard!

  3. Arguments with the kids over school work is probably the top challenge faced by homeschoolers, especially when it comes to high school exams. So finding out that much of the accepted wisdom about how to get a teen motivated doesn’t work can come as a bit of a shock! It’s very useful to know how others have succeeded, and you’ll find that learning to listen to your child is one of the hardest but most useful tools to help keep everyone on track.

Using real-life examples, you will see how homeschoolers have turned things around so that homeschooling offers a wonderful opportunity for all children to achieve their full potential and keep learning fun.

This upbeat guide is essential reading for all homeschoolers, old and new alike.

You can get Homeschool Secrets of Success here.

Homeschool Secrets of Success

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