Interview with Actor Joel D Wynkoop

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My guest today is actor Joel D Wynkoop who played Dr Jon Croft in Chomp, a short film that was shown at our Evil Santa Film Festival and also Dark Scream 2016.

Actor Joel D Wynkoop

Actor Joel D Wynkoop

Welcome Joel,  let’s start with you telling us a little about yourself including where you are from?

Hello I am from Lake Elmo, Minnesota and moved here to Florida in the 70’s then here to Tampa in 2002. I like Star Trek and of course making movies but also love horror movies and well all kinds of movies but mostly action, big fan of Chuck Norris.

How did you get the part of Dr. Jon Croft in Chomp?

Lynne Hansen called me and asked me to play the part for her, being a big fan of Lynne’s work I said yes right away before I ever found out anything about the part, I love Lynne and really wanted to work
for her.

What was your favourite scene in Chomp?

I liked them all and of course I enjoyed doing my parts I like Kyle Porter a lot and Susan is AWESOME as well but seeing little Ellah do the zombie was great too. I think it would be when Kyle says “Yeah you got me I’m a zombie” that was funny, he is an AWESOME actor!!

How did you get into acting?

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away okay not that long ago. I always wanted to act it was when I got a super 8
camera and started shooting my own movies at the age of 15 I acted in one of my own flicks and was pretty much hooked after that it really became permanent for me when I did Twisted Illusions short for Tim Ritter’s Truth or Dare and after that I Knew this is what I wanted to do.

What plans have you got for the future?

Still acting I have done plenty over 120 movies and I am still working today. Lots of stuff not enough time.

Lastly, what advice can you give to someone just starting out?

Just do it do not let anyone tell you “You can’t do that.” I was but I kept doing it over and over an over


Thank you for being my guest today Joel and look forward to watching more movies with you in them.

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