Interview with Actress Lise Gardo

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My guest this afternoon is the lovely Lise Gardo, an actress who starred in Bitch, Popcorn and Blood a short that was shown at Dark Scream Film Festival this year.

Lise Gardo

Lise Gardo

Welcome Lise, let’s start with you telling us a little about yourself including where you are from.

What a big question ­čÖé I was born in the North East of France, near Metz. Close to borderline of Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. I spend my childhood outside, building treehouses. I was a kind of, ok let’s say I was a tomboy.

Today, I am still an adventurer. I love to explore new things (place, people’s story, get new skills, etc) create and make people dream or at least feel moved about something. I try to cross the border as much as I can, even if I am afraid, to challenge my limit. That’s what I call being an actress.

I live between Paris, Los Angeles, Stockholm and the World.

When I am not on a set, I am on the road with my friends. I love driving, I know the feeling to drive a motorcycle on a off road. And I am a big food lover and I love to cook and share this moment with family and friends as much as I can. And my best friend has 2 restaurants in Paris, there is always a little home made pastry left for me.

Did you say French always talk about food?

How did you get into acting?

An English teacher made me realized that acting was my dream even though I was in a totally different job.


I mentioned above, we showed Bitch, Popcorn & Blood at one of our film festivals, how did you get the part of Lily?

Maybe 6 months before the shoot, Fabio wanted to meet me. At that moment, “Bitch, Popcorn and Blood” was just an idea. I discovered Fabio’s artistic World and I wanted to see his new movie Shooted. Then Fabio defined a character looking like me. He cast me and we worked together on “Lily’s character. I love to work with him, because we have the same “fearless” behavior and be very supportive to each other.

What was your favourite scene in Bitch, Popcorn & Blood?

To shoot : the first conversation with Jane Badler and the moment, when I kill the stranger with a pen on the Floor.
To watch : when Melody hits me with the chair.

What was it like to work with a script that isn’t in your native language?

“Bitch, Popcorn and Blood” was first written in French, then in English.

To learn my lines in English is always harder than in my native language, but the work on the meaning of the words and pronunciation is deeper. It is strange but I love to work in English because to talk in another language makes you feel and express like someone else. Easier to get into the character but much more work.

What was it like to work alongside tv icon, Jane Badler?

I observed her and talked to her a lot before and on the set. Of course, I learned so much from her. She is really easy going, supportive and I felt like we were on the same level of experience. She trusts her emotion when she is into her character and it is very powerful just as good on set than on screen. Now, she is a friend and each time she is in LA or Paris and she knows I am there, we meet.

Keep an eye out for our Jane Badler interview! What plans have you got for the future?

To shoot the brand new feature of Fabio’s “I Will Crush You and Go To Hell”. We just shot the teaser in a Spanish Desert. It’s going to be a crazy road movie. It’s also a way to merge my private life on the road and my passion of acting. And the part is a big challenge for me, but I promised Fabio that I would not give too much details.

Lastly what advice can you give to someone just starting out?

Believe in you. Don’t wait for the others approval and stay wild and free.

Thank you Lise for joining me today, I know how busy you are.  Good luck with I Will Crush You and Go To Hell and looking forward to watching it.

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