Rebound Revival by Jerica MacMilan

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Rebound Revival

Book 3 in the Rebound Series

Jerica MacMillan

Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 25, 2016


What do you do when your one-night stand turns out to be your new boss?

Cate’s been burned by her cheating ex-boyfriend, and runs away to a small town in southeastern Washington to avoid seeing him ever again. Her first night in town she’s swept away by a sexy stranger and gets treated to the best night of her life, only to find out he owns the vineyard where she’s the new events coordinator.
Max, disappointed that Cate didn’t call after their night together, is thrilled to run into her again, even if it is at work.
Intrigued by this beautiful, self-contained woman, he is determined to draw her out of her shell and get her to open up to him outside of the bedroom as well as inside.
Will Max be able to overcome Cate’s distrust? Or will her ex’s infidelity make it impossible for her to trust a man again?


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My question dies before it finishes when I realize Max is right there. He pulls the drinks out of my hands and sets them on the counter at my back without a word. His hands return to my hips where he pulls me against him, his mouth coming down on mine once more.

This. This is what I expected in the hallway. His mouth is firm and demanding, and he nips at my lower lip with his teeth. With a gasp at the unexpected sting my mouth opens, and his tongue sweeps in. He tastes like strawberries.

His hands run up my back under my shirt, kneading and caressing my skin. I’m swept away by him, by his kiss, by his commanding presence, and it seems like all I can do to hold on, my fists clutching his shirt my only anchor.

He breaks away from my mouth and runs his lips down my jaw to my neck, biting and sucking at the place where my neck meets my shoulder. I shrug my shoulder to discourage that. It feels good, but I don’t want a hickey. I’m twenty-two for God’s sake, not a teenager in the first throes of lust. I didn’t even let boys give me hickeys then, especially not with two older brothers watching all the guys who were interested in me.

Max raises his head, a wicked grin on his lips and mischief dancing in his eyes. Before I can react he lifts my tank top, and my arms raise to help him strip it off me. He tosses it to the side, his eyes on my breasts. I look down and realize I’m wearing the most boring bra imaginable—beige cotton with zero decoration. It’s not like I expected to show off my lingerie for anyone today.

I open my mouth to explain away the bra choice, nerves getting the better of me. Before I can say anything he traces one finger along the edge of the cup. “You’re beautiful, Cate.”

I guess boring lingerie doesn’t faze Max. Both hands come up and cup my breasts. His large hands engulf them, the upper curve just spilling over his grip. He circles my nipples with his thumbs, bringing them to attention, absorbed by what he’s doing to me.

He tugs one cup aside to expose my now-hard nipple. Bending down, he takes it in his mouth and sucks deep, a groan rumbling in his chest. I can’t stifle the gasp that escapes from my mouth, and I clutch at the counter behind me so I don’t fall from the sensation.

His hands reach behind me to unhook my bra, and he stands up so he can pull the straps down my arms, letting it fall to the floor at our feet. His eyes flick up to my face for a moment to check in with me, and he leads me by the hand to the bed. Sitting on the edge, he brings me to stand between his legs. “So beautiful.” His hands run up my torso and caress my breasts, teasing the nipples, sliding to my back to bring me closer so his mouth can play with them some more. In this position his head is at the perfect height to reach my breasts. The longer he plays, the weaker my legs get, and I clutch at his shoulders so I don’t fall, his hands on my ass holding me up.


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My (Not So) Glamourous Life as a Writer

As readers we get ideas into our heads about what life must be like as a writer. You know, sipping coffee (or maybe wine or scotch), dreaming up ideas, words flowing effortlessly from their nimble fingers dancing over a keyboard (or maybe a quill pen on vellum?). Probably in an office or home library surrounded by bookshelves overflowing with books and notebooks brimming with scribbled story notes, plot ideas, and character outlines scattered over the desk.

It’s this wonderful, romantic idyll of words and books and beverages.  Sadly, that’s rarely the case. Which is good, really, because as a writer you have to interact with real people at least sometimes in order to create real, believable characters.

For me, I have to carve out uninterrupted writing time, and some days that’s easier said than done. I have two young children—a daughter who is 4 years old and a son who is 18 months.

My husband became disabled last year, and while he helps as much as he can, it’s difficult for him to care for our children on his own for long periods of time. And when he has bad days (which happens as often as not), it’s even harder for him.

And, as an indie author, I have to spend a fair amount of time working on the business side of putting out books. Like putting together blog tours, writing posts, interacting on social media, managing my Book Club emails. Since I write best when I have dedicated, uninterrupted writing time, I try to fit the business stuff in and around family time. But almost every time I get on the computer to put together a Facebook ad or write an email, my son will climb into my lap if I’m using my laptop on the couch or reach to be picked up if I’m at a table or desk. It’s worse when he’s teething, and he’s been working on his one-year molars off and on over the last several months.

And there are those days where things are just stuck. Where the words won’t come, or I get interrupted 357483729 times in fifteen minutes when I’m supposed to be writing. Or I check Facebook incessantly instead of writing because I can’t get the Procrastination Monkey in my head under control.

Some days, when inspiration is woefully lacking, I just take a break. I work on my writing seven days a week most of the time. So I don’t feel bad for taking a couple days off if I need it.

Now that I’m a writer and spend time with other writers in real life and on social media, I’ve come to the conclusion that no one really lives that perfect writerly idyll I described in the first paragraph. We have jobs, families, social and personal obligations, and things that constantly try to come between us and our writing. We fit it in at night when everyone’s in bed, staying up late to push through and hit our word count goals for the day, carving out time between other things and giving up things like watching TV so we can have time to write. It’s not glamorous, and sometimes it’s not fun, because your characters won’t cooperate, or you wrote yourself into a corner and have to figure out how to fix it, or the muse is being stingy and won’t give you ideas.

But the moments when things flow, when the ideas do come, and words trip off my nimble fingers as they dance over the keyboard—those moments are transcendant.

And my favorite thing? The thing that trumps even those glorious moments spent in the flow of writing and creating? It’s when a reader emails me and tells me how much my book meant to them.

About Jerica MacMillan

Jerica MacMillan is a lifelong reader and lover of romance. Nothing beats escaping into a book and watching people fall in love, overcome obstacles, and find their happily ever after. She was recently named a semi finalist in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write competition.

Jerica is living her happily ever after in North Idaho with her husband and two children. She spends her days building with blocks, admiring preschooler artwork, and writing while her baby naps in the sling. Join her Book Club at and get a free book!


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