Day out in Southsea

Joe and I took Jayne to Southsea on the bus today, 11th June.  We took a picnic and surprised her with where we ended up.

We stopped at Canoe Lake to eat our lunch and then feed the swans, although the seagulls seemed to enjoy the bread as well!

Jayne and daddy feeding the swans

After that, we took a short walk and arrived at the National History Museum, where Jayne’s eyes lit up, especially when she saw the fossils and dinosaurs.

Jayne with the bones of a shark

We had a good look around, checking out the dinosaurs and fossils, they also had a section on bees.  We saw the Queen bee surrounded by all the drones and workers in a live display hive.  Jayne loved it.

Jayne by the side of the display hive cabinet

After we finished at the National History Museum we popped along next door to the Model Village where we attempted to do the quiz as we walked around.  We also spoke to a volunteer who took time to chat with Jayne whilst we were there.


After spending time in the village, we took a walk along the seafront and nearly got blown along the promenade.  We popped into South Parade Pier before going back to wait for the bus.

Waiting for the bus home
Waiting for the bus home


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