Editing & Proofreading Services

After writing, this is the most important part of preparing your book for publication

Purchase Editing & Proofreading – SAVE 20%

Purchase 2 Edits & Proofreading – SAVE 30%

Just add your word count into the box & it will give you an exact price instantly

Please note, that there is a 20,000 word minimum on editing & 40,000 word minimum on proofreading.

While you can order on a word count lower than this, you will be charged the full amount

Editing In More Detail


Our editing service provides you with a full read-through of your book, checking for any problems that may arise. It is surprising how many small problems that occur within a book, but even more surprising just how many big problems rear their ugly heads.  We have come across all manner of problems, from characters suddenly changing their name halfway through the book, to changes in geography suddenly taking place.


Our proofreading service will check your book for grammatical errors, ensuring that your book is ready for either publication, if you are self-publishing, or for sending to a publisher.  You should always wait to do your proofreading, ensuring that your book is how you want it to be.  This is because as soon as you add more to your book, you will find that new errors will show themselves, so leaving this until the very end, we are able to provide you with a final product that is publish-ready.  We offer this service in both English & American – yes, they can be very different in many ways.


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